Cost of Cthulhu

Recently, a viewer asked the age-old question, “When is the next episode coming?” I told them about how it was a question of time and money, and how I was still swamped with projects. Then they responded, “Fair enough. Hypothetically speaking, then, how would one send you the dough?”

Honestly, I hadn’t even thought of that. I assumed that, when I had some spare time, I would set up another Kickstarter to fund another episode. It hadn’t even occurred to me that people might want to fund it even when I wasn’t ready… and to be honest, if we could fully fund it, I could hold off on some of the other projects for a while.

So here’s what I’ve done. I’ve made a donation page so that people can fund an episode, and once we reach a predetermined limit (say $500), I’ll make a new episode.

If you state in the “special instructions” field that it’s okay to use your name on the show, I’ll list you as a backer in the actual video.

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