The Lovecraft Store

As I was driving through the town of Middle River, Maryland, yesterday, I saw the word “Lovecraft” on a huge sign outside a store. What surprised me was that it didn’t have gothic script, a dark font, or anything horror-related about it. In fact, it looked very friendly, with a big red lipstick kiss covering the “L”.

As I was already stopped at a red light in front of the store, I craned my neck around to see what kind of horrific commerce the store could be involved in. I could see on the front window, was the word, “Bookstore” and that made sense. Then, beneath that, the word “Adult” which made a little less sense. Of course, I thought, the stygian abyss is not for the children to understand. The approbation could only be to protect the younger minds. . .

Then I thought about it again, Adult Bookstore – Love craft . . . oh. Never mind.

Next time I’m in the area, I’ll grab a picture.

4 Responses to “The Lovecraft Store”

  1. Cthulhu Cthultist says:

    I sure there must have been a few books in the store that Man Was Not Meant To Know.

  2. Bill says:

    grow up dude its a adult book store whats the big deal if u don,t want to go in then don,t its that easy damm live n let live if u was driving i assume u r an adult so act like one n get over it n not act is if ur 15 years old i,m sure u seen adult book stors b 4 in ur life if not let me take u to one n show how great it can b (if ur not overweight) NOT INTO HEAVY

    • This is a Name says:

      Says the guy that puts commas instead of an apostrophe, “u” instead of “you”, and doesn’t capitalize anything.

  3. Brand says:

    @Bill I think you may misunderstand. HP Lovecraft was a horror writer from the 1920’s. This website is devoted to people who enjoy the humorous side of the horror. That’s why we have a plush monstrosity on the front page.

    This post was just kidding around about how “Lovecraft” was used to mean an adult bookstore, rather than a tome of horror and nightmares.

    No need to get angry. Look up “Calls For Cthulhu” on YouTube. It may help clear things up.

    And thanks for writing!