Special Episode Coming Soon!

In eight days, we will be upon the 120th anniversary of HP Lovecraft’s birth. Because of the magnitude of this anniversary, Cthulhu will be coming out of his semi-retirement to say a few words, and answer more questions. If you have a question you’d like to ask, Cthulhu artwork you’d like to have on the show, or just want to make a shout out to his loathsomeness, this is your chance! Leave a comment here, or write to bigc@callsForCthulhu.com, and we may feature it in the episode. Hope to see you there!

9 Responses to “Special Episode Coming Soon!”

  1. fnc says:

    Is the universe really as indifferent to the existence of life as it seems?

  2. Whodigiya says:

    I’d like to know if Cthulhu prefers ordering his goods online or flying up to the surface and looking for himself.

  3. Haalef says:

    I’d like to know what the heck is he waiting for to just come and take over the world, if he’s so powerful can’t he just do it whenever he wants? He’s trapped? trapped by whom? who’s more powerful tham him to keep him trapped as a zoo animal?

    • archinator says:

      Obviously you don’t know the cthulhu mythos so we will cut you a break. Cthulhu was trapped under the sea by the ancient ones in revenge. So now he is waiting for the stars to align. Before asking stupid questions do research thank you. Ia ia cthulhu f’tagn!!

  4. Annabeth J. says:

    Have you ever heard the ‘A very Scary Solstice’ CD? If so, have you noticed that most of the songs are about you? ( Death to the world and awake ye scary great old ones to name a few)

    • Brand says:

      Heard it? I get a commission every time someone sings one of those songs! Last week, I made almost thirty cents! Nah. I kid. It’s some great stuff.

  5. Dylan Cole says:

    hi,cthulhu,my question must be quick,i`m in detention right now and i`ve only got a few seconds before my teacher comes back so,what should i do if you slurp my soul down?

  6. Aidan Mulroy says:

    you should make it easy for the superior old one.

  7. John Hawthorne says:

    I found your video’s very amusing and the cthulhu mythos has ruled my mind for some time, I have even built entire rp game campaigns around it.