Hot Tentacle Action!

So, have you ever noticed that, when someone mistypes a phone number, it always ends up pointing at phone sex? A political candidate gets one digit off on his campaign number – it’s porn. Martha Stewart mispronounces a new advice line – it’s porn. The Anti-Pornography Commission puts an ad in the classifieds – and it’s porn.

The mistaken numbers never point to some other business, or to somebody’s house. . .

Anyway, when we started this show, we announced Cthulhu’s phone number as 1-800-SOL-EATR, which was supposed to just be a funny little pun. Of course, it never occurred to us that we should call the number and see what was there. . .

I guess you see where this is going.

For the first time, we checked it out, and found that it goes to a redirect number leading to phone sex. Now, in our defense, we did ask that nobody call in (“Previously recorded. Please do not call.”) but we still feel a responsibility to point out that, if you do call, you won’t get Cthulhu.

And the ladies that you do get won’t swallow your soul. However they will . . . Hmmm . . . probably best that we don’t go there.

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