A moment’s pause.

As you probably know, I’m a writer in addition to producing this show. Occasionally, I write short stories and I thought I might share one with you. Normally I write Sci-Fi stuff, but this was a comedy piece I wrote in a fantasy vein. It’s called “A moment’s pause” and it will probably be right up your alley if you enjoy D&D.

Hope you like it.


In other news, I am hard at work on Episode 9. I’ve already got half the script written, so it looks like the show’s coming in on time this time.

6 Responses to “A moment’s pause.”

  1. Isacc says:

    Very well done sir.

  2. Scott Osborn says:


  3. Esteban Pascual says:

    Outstanding, the funniest fantasy short story I’ve ever read.

  4. fred says:

    Pretty cool. Was the heros names thought of before or after you started writing the story?

  5. Joe the Schmoe says:

    Liked it. Never been to big a fan of the “epic fantasy” (heroes, dragons, that kind of stuff), though I’m familiar enough with it.

  6. VortixTM says:

    I liked it. It’s sort of… Prattchian.

    Nice work.