Calls For Cthulhu Halloween Episode 2007

Well, I’m still new to this webpage, so forgive me if I don’t post the video properly. However, the new Halloween episode is available.

(the right file should be in the RSS feed now)

Thanks to Summer for fixing my technical stupidity.

8 Responses to “Calls For Cthulhu Halloween Episode 2007”

  1. fred says:

    Good rant! Cool show.

  2. r8r says:

    I love the puppet! Meaning you, of course, since Cthulhu would certainly never allow his likeness to be used for an internet film!

    Wish I coulda chatted with you a bit at the HPL fest — I had a little film there this year too.


  3. Brand says:

    I spent most of my time upstairs in the merchant area, peoplewatching. 🙂 Maybe we’ll run into each other next time.

    >> I had a little film there this year too.
    Cool! Which one was yours?

  4. EasternBlackCat says:

    Awesome! Another Halloween video! When is the next episode coming out? I can’t wait!

  5. Brand says:

    Hey, Cat! Great to see you here.

    I have all the audio recorded, but I haven’t finished the video yet. Of course, I have lots of difficult video work planned on this one, so it might take a while. Sorry.

    Not that I’m coming up with excuses, but here’s part of the reason this is taking so long (all of these things happened in the last month, and they are all entirely true):

    1. HPLovecraft Film Fest. I had to set up an episode for the show, and I lost time doing that.
    2. My dog died. She was twelve years old, and very sick, but it was a very difficult decision to make, and it was very hard to work right after that.
    3. My wife and I had a serious relationship problem that has been so painful and difficult to deal with, that it threatens our relationship completely. We have been very seriously thinking about divorce if we can’t solve these problems.
    4. I had spinal surgery a few weeks ago. Seriously, they cut open my back, and removed a bit of a disk that had squeezed out from between vertebrae, and was pushing down on my spinal cord.
    5. Crunch time. I make video games for a living, and the game I’m currently working on has recently gone into mandatory crunch time (minimum 10 hours at work per day). I’m not complaining, this is just part of the development cycle in some situations, but with everything else, it’s proven to be a very difficult time for side projects.

    Now, I know that looks like a whole bowl of bummer, but don’t worry. The show itself is coming along, and I think it’s one of the funniest ones yet.

    “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”

  6. Rustmeister says:

    Dang, hope things smooth out for ya.

  7. Brand says:

    Oh, don’t you cry for me, Rusty. Life is a series of peaks and troughs, and this is just one part of life. Nietzsche would refer to this time as character building (but he’d probably use a long German word that was made of a bunch of smaller, more obvious words).

    What I meant to say was, I’ve hit some snags on development, but I’m hoping to have something out by the end of November.

  8. summer says:

    >_< thatis all so sad!
    i hope everything works out
    (let the worry cycle begin)