Cthulhu in Spore

With the release of the Spore Creature Builder, a lot of people have been trying to create creatures that look like things they already love. So, I guess it’s only natural that someone created replicas of the Arkham Horrors in Spore.

Link Here

Thanks Warren C.

3 Responses to “Cthulhu in Spore”

  1. Tara says:

    Hey whens ep 9 gonna be posted? Its been ages since u last posted an ep an i wanna watch more lol.

  2. Brand says:

    I know it’s taking a long time, and I am sorry about that. I’ve just had a really really horrible half year, and it’s left me very little time to work on the show. I’ll get it up there ASAP, but I don’t know exactly when that will be.

  3. Tara says:

    Its alrite. I understand having a horrible time in your life would put you off free time stuff. When something happens to put your life off track, its hard not to spend all your free time getting it back on track. Sorry if it sounded like i was pestering you.