Cthulhu’s Parsec Concession Speech

As you may have read from earlier in this blog, the Parsec Awards were held at this year’s DragonCon. C4C was up for a Parsec award in two categories, and lost both. The honorable, noble thing to do is to congratulate the winners. But Cthulhu’s just not built that way. So here it is, Cthulhu’s Concession Speech.

And congrats to Earl, Dave, and all the guys at Stranger Things. You guys earned it, with a really great show.

2 Responses to “Cthulhu’s Parsec Concession Speech”

  1. Ryan McKain says:

    That’s crap Big C, you should have won. But better yet don’t eat his soul, eat everyone and everything he loves souls; that is what the elder god we all know and love would do!

  2. Henning Eide says:

    Well, I had a look at the winner 🙂 A good show … but nobody makes us laught as you do O’ dark one!