Interview on Slice of Sci-Fi

This past week, I was given the opportunity to be interviewed on the “Slice of Sci-Fi” Podcast. They’re a great group to talk with, and we had a chance to discuss lots of cool stuff about the show.

So, if you want to hear what Brand sounds like when he’s not doing his Cthulhu impression, tune in to the “Slice of Sci-Fi” podcast.

2 Responses to “Interview on Slice of Sci-Fi”

  1. Big Troy from Philly says:


    caught the interview on slice of sci fi, was so impressed I dowloaded all the episodes and will be buying some of your swag when I get paid friday.

    Absolutely love the show, great work, keep it up, we love you out here!

  2. Brand says:

    Thanks a lot! It’s always great to hear that people enjoy the show.