Pic of R’lyeh

Can Terzioğlu sends us a pic of R’lyeh, which is lovely, although I don’t know how non-euclidean it is. . .

Link Here

5 Responses to “Pic of R’lyeh”

  1. Sammy boy says:

    I’ve been told that when you look upon great Cthulhu and his nightmare corpse city, you go mad. I bet they had to tone down the non-euclidean-ness so they could post it without turning the world population of web surfers insane.

  2. Can Terzioğlu says:

    Goddamnit, now I hope I won’t get sued by the original maker of the picture.

  3. Can Terzioğlu says:

    Kinda funny seeing my nonimportant name though 😀

  4. Brand says:

    Well, I just linked to the picture that was already up on the net, so I doubt the artist has any reason to be upset. Besides, they’re more likely to get mad at me than at you. 🙂

  5. zfan says:

    That’s some nice 3D right there. I like those two cliffs jutting out right next to the pillar, it’s cool how they seem to form a mouth.