Rapid Fire Round Questions

It looks like the Rapid Fire Round is catching on, with several people writing in about how much they love the segment. Well, here’s your chance to be a part of the next Rapid Fire Round.

In the comments section for this post, put as many short, weird, off-the-wall questions as you want. They can be simple facts (“what is the fastest land mammal?”), personal queries (“Does he love me?”) or completely random ideas (“Why are dogs lips black?”).

Also, if you’d prefer to e-mail questions, you can send them to Cthulhu.hotstud1413 *at* gmail.com. This is the same address to use for sending normal questions to the big C.

One Response to “Rapid Fire Round Questions”

  1. Vikram Footring says:

    Who would win the Olympic rowing, a rhino or a hippo?