The official Calls For Cthulhu page on IMDB

This is all kinds of cool. The Internet Movie Database has finally invited Calls For Cthulhu into it’s hallowed data banks. The page is kinda bare, but I’m working on fleshing it out. If you want to drop by to leave a comment, rating, or ask a question in the FAQ, we’d really appreciate it. Here’s the link

3 Responses to “The official Calls For Cthulhu page on IMDB”

  1. Metroid Zealot says:

    Hey Cthulhu,
    Just saw the show on youtube, and I have to ask:
    If humans leave the earth before your awakening, will you devour all souls in the universe, or just Earth?

  2. Brand says:

    First off, thanks for the question. I like that one. I want to use it in the show.

    Second, the answer. If you guys want to get off the planet before I wake up, you’re going to have to move fast, and that isn’t good for anybody, because I hate fast food.

  3. Cthulhu Cthultist says:

    Hey, what I want to know is: since Cthulhu is supposed to be some kind of priest, who or what does Cthulhu worship? And what does Cthulhu think of atheists such as myself?

    Mark Sulkowski
    Sundsvall, Sweden