The Shadow Over Innsmouth in Machinima

Thanks to Scott Osborn, who spotted this excellent version of Lovecraft‘s classic “The Shadow over Innsmouth” made using the Movies Machinima Animation Engine.

the Shadow Over Innsmouth from JosephKw on Vimeo.

9 Responses to “The Shadow Over Innsmouth in Machinima”

  1. Cthulhu Cthultist says:

    Thanks for posting this. It was quite good!

  2. JosephKw says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed my film, Cthultist. For anyone else who watched this, please let me know by leavinga comment here or at my Vimeo website. Thanks!

  3. ChaosM says:

    That was a very nice video! I’ve read some of HPL’s stories, but missed this one. Did you make animations of his other stories? I’d be very interested to watch them. 🙂

    Thank you for this film 🙂

  4. JosephKw says:

    Hi ChaosM!

    Thanks for viewing my latest. Last year I made the prequel to “the Shadow Over Innsmouth” (around 24 minutes long), and I’ve made a handful of other Lovecraft-inspired films, but this is my first adaptation of one of his works.

  5. ChaosM says:

    I’ve checked your website, but I only see two videos. 🙁 I hope you upload or make them. 🙂 The story got so much to me I dreamed about it last night… I was the one being chased. @_@

  6. JosephKw says:

    Hi ChaosM,

    The Vimeo site is my new one, and only have two films up there. My main site is at the following link:

    “Dark Tides of Innsmouth” is my prequel to “Shadows”.
    “Hadean” is a Lovecraft-inspired adventure/horror.
    “May Flowers” is a Lovecraft-inspired Romance/horror film & winner of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival animation contest, 2007.
    “Quietus” is a Lovecraft-inspired horror film & winner of the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival animation contest, 2006.
    “Miserere Nobis” is another horror film, but not Lovecraft-related.
    Plus I have a bunch of other films of varying genres as well. If you register at that site, you may watch unlimited films, otherwise you can only watch one per day (don’t know why they did that, but that’s how it’s set up there). Thanks for your interest ChaosM, and do let me know what you think.

  7. JosephKw you are an artist. What other programs did u use, besides the movies? Did u play with chroma key? You should make a YouTube channel. There is whole bunch of movie makers there that I would be glad to show them your amazing movie. Keep up the good work !

  8. JosephKw says:

    Hi Demon Skull, and thanks! I dropped by your site and enjoyed your HPL shorts as well. Yes, I played with chroma keying in “the Shadow Over Innsmouth”. I also do have YouTube channel, but it’s not a director’s channel, so it limits my films to under 10 minutes. Most of my films are around 20 minutes long. Thanks again for your encouraging words, and I definitely intend to keep on filming 🙂

  9. DeadCities says:

    I thought this was very well done for the medium you used, but you skipped one of the most climactic scenes. The scene where he’s hiding in the bushes as a horde of deep ones cross the railroad tracks and he faints. It also felt like the ending was a little rushed, there was no moral dillema in it, he just basically goes “Oh well, turns out I’m a fish.” Other than that, great job.